Mark - The Descent Into Greatness

3-24-19 Sermon

Series: Mark - The Descent Into Greatness

Passage: Mark 11:12-26

Key Theme: Jesus Cleanses the Temple


● Think of a time that someone went to extreme measures to get the attention of everyone in the room in order to make an important point and/or bring attention to a wrong that was being done. A coach? A teacher? Explain the setting and how it developed.


● What correlation do you see between the fig tree that had leaves but no fruit and the temple, which had lots of activity but was lacking in real spiritual fruit?

● What do you think most upset Jesus about the setting in the temple to the degree that He would a) drive out those selling, b) overturn tables, c) overturn seats, and d) not allow anyone else to carry anything through it? How had they taken that which was holy and made it unholy?

● In what ways do you think the church today gives the appearance of business and religious activity but maybe misses the point?

● Notice that Jesus’ teaching so upset the priests and the scribes that when they heard it they began “seeking a way to destroy him.” Why?


●How can we give greater attention to our responsibility of being “a house of prayer for all the nations?”

● This passage had lots of currency language in it. What are the principles of the economy of the Kingdom that we may be missing?

● What is God teaching you and saying to you in this passage?