Mark - The Descent Into Greatness

3-17-19 Sermon

Series: Mark - The Descent Into Greatness

Passage: Mark 10:32-45

Key Theme: The Triumphal Entry


● Have you ever witnessed the prequel to an important political figure coming into town, or into an arena or event? What did that look like? How was the way prepared for his or her arrival, and how did they respond?


● Notice in vv. 2-7 that Jesus’ preparations for His own crucifixion even included His riding on a very specific colt that had been designated for this very specific purpose in time. What does/should this tell us about the nature of our Lord and His workings in our lives?

● Verse 10 states why the people were excited about Jesus’ return to Jerusalem; they thought He was coming to establish His set up His rid the Israelites of Roman oppression. Just like the disciples, they weren’t hearing what Jesus had been saying. What were they missing about the establishment of the Kingdom?

● In this moment the people are elated (again, because they think the King is finally coming to rid them of oppression), so they go out of their way to prepare the way for Him, and are elated shouting “Hosanna!” as He passes by. But in a few chapters “Hosanna!” will turn to “Crucify Him!” Why? What does this tell you about how fickle we are and how quickly we turn on those who don’t meet our expectations?


● Are you truly trusting that the Lord is in control of every specific area of your life?

● What are your expectations of Jesus and service in His Kingdom that might not be accurate?

● What is God teaching you and saying to you in this passage?