In Matthew 28:18-20 and Acts 1:8 Jesus calls the body of Christ to make disciples in our homes, of our neighbors, among the nations and everywhere in-between. At Red Stone Church, we seek to accomplish this through the following four primary platforms: 

Missions Diagram.png
  • Witnesses - someone who shares the Gospel with the intent of planting, watering, and/or harvesting faith in Jesus in their immediate contexts

  • Ministry Partners - a person or organization that shares Gospel-centered vision and values with Red Stone and are working to achieve shared strategic goals

  • Church Planters/Church Plants - a person or community who goes to create a sent Gospel community unique to the sending body

  • Missionaries - someone who intentionally crosses a linguistic, religious, geopolitical, and/or cultural boundary for the purpose of communicating the Gospel in order to point people to Christ

    • A Frontier Missionary goes to an unreached people group.

    • A Global Missionary, at a minimum, crosses a cultural and geopolitical boundary.

Each year significant resources are intentionally committed to this purpose. We as a church want to provide experiences to help you engage in these four platforms. Our expectation is for all our members to engage in this call and to “GO”, fulfilling their part in what Jesus commanded.