Mark - The Descent Into Greatness

2-24-19 Sermon

Series: Mark - The Descent Into Greatness

Passage: Mark 9:14-29

Key Theme: Losing our lives to actually save them


● Have you ever been present when someone had a seizure (or has it happened to you)? If so, can you explain what you witnessed.

● Describe a time in your life when you have had a crisis of belief...believing one minute yet wallowing in unbelief the next.


● Jesus was just transfigured in all of His glory on top of the mountain, and now he chooses to come back down the mountain and step into a messy scene with an argument, a hurting dad, and a demon-possessed kid. Where do you see the Gospel in this volitional descent?

● Although it is the son with the evil spirit making him convulse, the Father’s cry to Jesus is that He would “...have compassion on us and help us .” Why do you think he used “us” instead of “him?” Think of how a whole family suffers when one member goes through something painful/hard.

● Notice that Jesus does not step in and heal the son immediately (vs. 5:25-34 where the healing took place immediately), but instead begins asking questions of the father. Why do you think he paused? What lesson was He wanting to teach the father and the disciples?

● This passage reminds us of the struggle we all face with faith/believing. Sometimes it is not 100%, but real faith in God (not in faith itself...see 11:22) is necessary, and it is shown when we take steps toward Jesus. Read and discuss the implications of Hebrews 11:6.


● What work are you currently trying to do for the Kingdom that you have not bathed in prayer first?

● Our descent into Kingdom greatness may require that we lose our life for His sake by being willing to change our previous beliefs about ______. What area are you currently wrestling with where you see hints of unbelief creeping in?

● What is God teaching you and saying to you in this passage?

BONUS In 6:13 and in Matt 10:1 we see the disciples given authority to cast out demons, but here we see them unable to do so. According to this passage, what was lacking from them? Take a look at 6:5-6.