Mark - The Descent Into Greatness

3-3-19 Sermon

Series: Mark - The Descent Into Greatness

Passage: Mark 9:30-37, 10:13-16

Key Theme: Losing our lives to actually save them


● What are some attributes that you possessed as a kid that you may lost as you have gotten older?

● Why do you think children are drawn to certain people more than others? What behaviors, mannerisms, etc. make these individuals a magnet for children?


● Read 9:33-37 - The disciples valued who was the greatest by what? Contrast that with how Jesus values greatness, as stated in this passage.

● Read 1:13-16 - The disciples were hindering the children from coming to Jesus, and this made Jesus

“indignant.” Why such a strong response from Jesus?

● In what ways do we (the church and Christians) sometimes hinder those who are wanting to come to Jesus?

● Jesus says, “...whoever does not receive the Kingdom of God like a child shall not enter it.” That’s a strong statement. What does He mean?


● Question to ponder - Am I more excited about being held in the arms of Jesus or about how others view/esteem me as a Christian?

● Our descent into Kingdom greatness may require that we become more like children? What does this mean for you personally?

● What is God teaching you and saying to you in this passage?