Excel in the Grace of Giving

Extravagant Gospel = Extravagant Giving

II Corinthians 8-9

Key Theme: EXCEL in the GRACE of GIVING


● In 8:4 Paul says that the Macedonian church “begged us earnestly” to be a part of giving financially to the saints in need. When’s the last time you begged for something? Was it for yourself or for others?

● Paul uses a strong word in 8:7 by stating that we are to “excel in everything,” including giving? Is there something you have excelled in in your lifetime? If so, what? And more importantly, what did the process look like that brought you to the point of excelling?


● Take a walk through chapters 8-9 and notice the vast number of times that the words “grace” and “giving” go together? What is the connection between these two terms?

● Compare 8:9 with 5:21. Why do you think this is often called the great exchange?

● How should the Gospel makes us (individually and collectively) the most generous people on Earth?


● Are you generous? If so, how can you challenge yourself to further excel in your generosity? If not, why not?

● What is your commitment level for giving to the Kingdom of God for 2019?

● How can we leverage the generosity within our families and community groups to truly bless our evangelism efforts, missionaries, ministry partners, and church planting endeavors?

Seth Hice