Power and Peace

Sermon Series - Mark: Reset Your Mind

Passage - Mark 4:35-41

Key Theme: Power and Peace

My Story

● Can you think of a time in your life when you were truly afraid? What was the situation? Explain the range and expression of emotions that you experienced.

● When storms come in your life, to whom or to what do you usually go to first?

Today’s Teaching

● Up to this point all of Jesus’ teachings and real-life lessons have had others†as their focal point. In what way is Jesus now pivoting to the disciples in his teaching? What the lesson he is teaching them in the boat?

● Give examples of Kingdom lessons that are truly only learned if you experience them yourself.

Discipleship Application

● This series is about resetting our minds toward the things of God vs. the things of man. Compare and contrast those opposing thought processes as it would apply to this passage.

  • Peace

  • Trust

  • Others?

  • Worry

  • Fear

  • Others?

● What are specific things we can do as disciples of Jesus to truly live by faith and not fear? How about you personally?

● What storm are you experiencing now? Are you afraid and longing for “peace” and a “great calm?” Read and meditate on Jesus’ words in John 14:27.

● What is God teaching you and saying to you in this passage?