Bad King vs Good King

Sermon series: Mark: Reset Your Mind

Passage: Mark 6:7-46

Key theme - Bad King vs Good King

My Story

  • When in your life have you ever desired to be seated at another table (raise, different job, etc.)?

  • When in your life has the grass seemed greener on the other side and where did your heart turn to in that moment?

Today’s Teaching

  • In v.21, Herod invites nobles, military leaders, and leading men of Galilee to his birthday banquet.  For these men, this would have been the place to be. What did Herod have to offer the men at this table?

  • Jesus feeds the 5000 at a different “table.”  What did Jesus have to offer the people at his table?

Discipleship Application

  • In what ways have you and the people in your life incorrectly defined satisfaction, abundance, and prosperity?  How can you use this passage to help others to find their satisfaction in Jesus alone?

  • In looking at the example of the bad king in Herod, which can be alluring, and the good king in Jesus, who are you going to follow?

  • In following Jesus, we are never promised an easy life or a life of abundance.  Following Jesus requires that we take up our cross. Are you willing to suffer and be inconvenienced for Jesus?

  • What is God teaching you and saying to you in this passage?

Reset Your MindSeth Hice