Gospel Centered. Disciples Making Disciples.

Community Driven. Missionally Minded.

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Gospel Centered: Be One who Enjoys Christ and Makes Much of Him Forever

Everything we do is rooted in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, his life, death, resurrection, and great commission. We believe that our whole lives, both in salvation and in sanctification, hinge on the redeeming work of Christ on our behalf. We do not earn a right standing with God by our works; we receive a right standing with God by grace through faith as a gift that has been purchased for us by Jesus Christ.

This relationship gives us identity, meaning and purpose. As we seek to enjoy and live out the implications of this Gospel of Grace, we discover that it has the power to renew every dimension of our life – spiritual, psychological, corporate, and social. Our primary and central aim as a church is to be a people who put our hope in this Gospel of grace, seeking to enjoy it and all the benefits Jesus has won for us in his death and resurrection, and then to hold that hope out to others.

Disciples Making Disciples: Be One who Enters the Story

"The gospel story of Jesus is not simply one more great story, pointing to the underlying Reality. Rather, the gospel story of Jesus is the underlying Reality to which all the stories point. It gives us more than a passing inspiration because it is the true story; it happened.” Tim Keller

Our primary mission at Red Stone Church is to make disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ. Because of the transforming power of the Gospel in our lives, we want to share the grace and Good News of his Gospel with others so they too can experience the fullness of life found in Christ. Our Sunday morning gathering plays a role in accomplishing this, but our view of discipleship extends far beyond a few hours on a Sunday morning. We want to be a people marked by our allegiance and commitment to the message and person of Jesus, and as we see and experience him in our lives, we want to invite others to do the same!

God has disclosed His story for us throughout history and we find the text of His story in Scripture. The story has one author, one overarching theme, and one hero. The theme is our continual wrecking of things and need for help. Jesus is the hero and chief actor in the narrative, who loves his children and comes to rescue them, not just once at the moment of Salvation, but continually in an ongoing relationship with our Savior on the basis of the Gospel. As a church, we must keep centering ourselves around the worldview that is revealed in that story: God is the creator, rescuer, redeemer, and king.

So what do we do with this story? How do we react to what God is telling us throughout history? As believers, we enter the story by first understanding it, recognizing our place in it, allowing the Hero to transform our lives, then advancing it by making new storytellers.



Community Driven: Be One who Shares the Table

Many theologians point out that throughout the pages of the New Testament, Jesus was either going to, at, or coming from a meal. Jesus said His purpose on earth was to “seek and save the lost” and “to give His life as a ransom.” When asked how He would accomplish His mission He replied, “By eating and drinking.” (references?)

Meals matter. They mattered to Jesus. They matter to us. 

Meals are far more than simple sustenance for our bodies. When people think of family meals or enjoying an evening out, nostalgic images of laughter, life, and bonding come to mind. A table has the deep power to turn strangers into friends and friends into family. In fact, there are very few acts, no matter the culture, that expresses companionship like a shared meal. A huge part of disciple-making is building relationships, and we can think of no better relationship building tool than the table. The table is the middle component of disciple-making strategy to establish new relationships and deepen existing ones.

Missionally Minded: Be One who Blesses their Neighbor

The third part of our vision is to carry the Story of hope and restoration to Johnson City by being a blessing to our neighbors. All who live in Johnson City are here for a reason. Some have found good jobs here while others like the culture of a city our size and it’s proximity to other features in the region.

Regardless of the reason, we all have a common goal to see Johnson City flourish. God told his people through Jeremiah to “seek the favor of the city where I have sent you into exile, and pray to the Lord on its behalf, for in its welfare you will find your favor.” It is obvious that God intends for us to be active in our city, engage its people, and see that it prospers. Throughout our activities as a church, we are to shape order out of chaos and to help establish a healthy community. We are to use our talents and relationships not only to make Johnson City a better place to live but to advance The Story and Make Disciples.