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Join a Community Group

Jerry Williams is our Community Life Pastor. If you are interested in joining a community group feel free to send him an email now or introduce yourself next time you see him on Sunday morning.

A Family that Grows Together

Church is more than a service on Sunday morning. Church is about people living life together and helping one another. Each week we gather throughout our city and meet in small communities to learn about God, pray, eat, and live life together. We call these Community Groups.

We use Community Groups as our culture-making arm of Red Stone Church. Community is one of those words we all use, but few experience the relational depth of body-life that the Bible describes when it speaks of being “members of one another.”

Red Stone Church was born in a living room. This rhythm is of prime importance to us. To get a real sense of who we are, we encourage you to try out one of our Community Groups. Click on the links below for more information.


The Vision for Red Stone community groups is for Gospel-centered, life-giving, communities of adults (from middle school to senior adults) to meet on a regular basis in homes for the purpose of worship, encouragement, fellowship, passage-reflection/application, and accountability.  At Red Stone, we have established community groups with the idea of having several functional flocks within the church, with a key shepherd and key supporting cast assigned to each group.  We want community groups to be Life-Giving, Sustainable, and Aligned to the overall RS calendar and vision.


Provide a structured avenue for people who attend RS to be in a Christian community by:

  • Providing shepherds within each CG that lead, assist with facilitating discussion ensure that key partners are being discipled and playing key roles, and maintain a positive, joyful, honest, grace-filled, and missionaly-minded culture.

  • Including components such as worship, prayer, studying Scripture, encouraging one another, getting to know each other over a meal/snack, confessing sins and struggles with each other, etc.

  • Modeling what it truly looks like to be a disciple of Jesus Christ

  • Using the CG structure for sermon and/or passage-reflection

  • Spurring one another on toward service and volunteerism within the church

  • Providing opportunities to better know, love, and serve those within our city