Jesus Fights for Our Healing Pt. 1

Jesus Fights For Our Healing
(from 9/18/16 sermon)
See if there is anyone who wants to share a short testimony, or if there are there specific praise
updates to begin CG.
*Have someone read aloud Matt 8:14-17
Q - Sermon take-aways from those who were in attendance?
Hypostatic Union - the combination of divine and human natures in the single person of Christ.
Q - Why is it significant that we understand that Christ was fully God but also fully man...a
man who wore sandals and had dirty feet?
Jesus just came off the mountain where He delivered His greatest sermon, but as soon as He
came off the mountain His first area of ministry was to minister to the physical needs of people.
Q - Why is that important? Why is it significant for Christ to show that He has authority over
sickness and disease?
KEY Talking Point - Notice in v.14 where it says “he saw.” Discuss the importance of
seeing...noticing...paying enough attention that we can recognize when someone is hurting.
Notice in v.15 that “He touched her hand…”
Q - Why was it peculiar for Him to touch her? Why did He choose to touch her? Why not just
speak the word and heal her? Also, notice that in ch. 8 He first healed a leper, a Roman, and
then a woman. Q - Why is that significant?
Notice that when He healed her it was immediate. Her symptoms were gone. Her energy was
back. She was ready to get back to normalcy and contribute to others.
Q - Of what significance is it that v.15 says that after being healed “she rose and began to
serve him”?
Q - What specific things can we do so that we can “see” those in need when we walk in the
Spencer reminded us on Sunday that our goal is to “be contagious and to make Him contagious.”
Discuss specific applications of said goal.
Final thoughts
Who is struggling physically and needs prayer for physical healing?
Q - What 1-2 things did you receive from this passage or discussion that you can implement
and/or give away this week? Specifically, how do you plan to do so?
● Man Event - This Sat from 8-10 at Summit. Encourage all me to attend. Give an overview.
● Women’s Retreat - Oct 21-23 in Pigeon Forge. Encourage ladies to attend. E-mail Karen Trigg at for more info or to sign up.
● Pancake breakfast - This Saturday from 8-11 at Central to support Rise-Up, one of the local missions that RS loves and supports. Cost is $10...all-you-can-eat!
● Prayer Service - There will be a designated evening of prayer for healing and deliverance on Tuesday, Nov 1. More details to come later. Be praying now.
● Starting Point - Gathering for those new to RS who simply want to know more about the church. Will be held after church on Sun, Oct 30. More details to come later. If interested, mark your calendars now.
● Church membership - For those who want to make RS their church home, there will be a membership meeting on Sunday, Nov 13. More details to come later.
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