Welcome to Red Stone Church


At Red Stone Church we seek to be disciples who make disciples. We love watching Jesus transform our own lives and then using our lives to impact others. Jesus is the beginning and the end of all our redemption stories- and at Red Stone Church, our name is our story:

Red stands for Jesus’ blood that was given for us for the forgiveness of sins. 

Stone is the stone rolled away in remembrance of Jesus’ victory over sin and death. 

Church is Jesus’ commission to go, baptize, and most of all… make disciples. This is Jesus’ last mandate before he ascends into heaven. Jesus is calling his followers to be disciples…and to make disciples. 

We have a lot of fun around here. We love to hang out at each other’s homes. We eat a lot of meals together. We care dearly for one another in seasons of both victory and defeat. We are known for our community, our honesty, our vulnerability, and our care. But more than any of this, we want Jesus’ name to be made known in our lives and then have a greater impact on those in Appalachia.

So we would like to invite you and your family to come and be a part of the growing movement of disciples who are making disciples.

He is Matchless,

Spencer Teal
Red Stone Church


Our service

2788 Carroll Creek Rd. 
Johnson City, TN 37615

Sunday Service: 10 a.m.