Our History

Ultimately, the history of our church is the history of The Church. Red Stone finds its roots deep in the promise found in Matthew 16 that God will build his Church despite any and all opposition.  Fast-forwarding roughly 2000 years, Red Stone began in response to the vision of Redeemer Community Church to plant multiple gospel-centered churches in Northeast Tennessee. Redeemer faithfully and sacrificially gave their time, finances, and, most notably, their people in order to see this vision fulfilled, and we exist today in great part because of their leadership and support.

Through a pastoral internship program, Redeemer’s elders identified Red Stone’s future pastor, Spencer Teal, as the person to lead a core-group of missionally-minded families to plant a new, independent congregation in North Johnson City. In the fall of 2012, that core-group began gathering together in living rooms and around tables to talk and pray and trust the Lord for what was to come.

From day one, we knew the last thing Johnson City needed was another church service. Red Stone was to be about something much more eternal than a two hour time slot on a Sunday morning. We wanted to be a force for good in our neighborhoods and workplaces. We wanted to love one another with authenticity in the face of a culture that tells us we’re supposed to “have it all together”. But most importantly, we wanted to bring the message of a loving and able Savior to North Johnson City. We wanted to share the Gospel, and not just on Sunday mornings, but on Friday nights around a dinner table, and on Tuesday mornings at the gym, and everywhere in between.

River Singing.jpg

This wasn’t always comfortable, in fact it rarely was. Missional living, for some, meant changing jobs, moving homes, or giving up positions of status in more established congregations. It meant sharing meals with people we barely knew and taking baked goods to gas station attendants. It meant getting uncomfortable. But with a commitment to the Lord and to one another, our core-group began to grow. A year later, in September of 2013, we were formally commissioned by the elders of Redeemer, and Red Stone Church was officially planted.

Since then, we’ve moved from our our original meeting location in the Trinity Arts building to a larger space at Providence Academy. We’ve hosted baptisms, appointed elders, and grown from our core-group to a committed membership. We’ve seen marriages, lots of babies born, and new missionaries sent out. Our family has grown and changed, and we don’t all fit around the same table anymore. But through it all, the Spirit of our commissioning remains. We are a people with a heart for our neighbors who believe that what this city needs more than anything is the transformational power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We are his Church, his people, and he is establishing us for his purposes. And we invite you to come join us and be a part of the history being made at Red Stone Church!