I will sing to the LORD as long as I live;
I will sing praise to my God while I have being.
Psalm 104:33

At Red Stone we love to sing to and about our God. We believe that as he reveals himself to us, one of the most appropriate responses we could give is to burst out in song. We want to join in with the psalmist and sing praises to the LORD as long as we live. The songs we sing at Red Stone are both new and ancient, as we join the millennia-old Church in worship of God. We search for songs that artistically point us to the depths of the gospel of Jesus Christ and make known the glory God. 

Below, we have created a playlist of the songs we sing every Sunday at Red Stone, and a separate playlist for the upcoming Sunday's setlist. Feel free to listen in and learn the songs that we will sing together.


Listen in to this sunday's setlist (Updated Tuesday of each week)

We are preaching through the book of Ecclesiastes this Fall. Ecclesiastes is a strange book but we learn from it that all meaning and hope in life is found in God. We receive that hope through the work of Jesus. We are going to sing songs that remind us that Jesus is the only One who redeems life and saves us from vanity.

Listen to songs we sing at red stone

Scroll through the list of songs on the left to see the songs we like to sing at Red Stone. If you have a Spotify account, you can follow this playlist as we update it with new songs.

Listening with your family to the music we sing on Sunday is one way to teach one another the gospel during the week and enter our worship services already giving God the glory he deserves. 


Want to join the music team?

We are always looking for people that God has gifted musically to join our team. If you have interest in getting involved with the music ministry at Red Stone, contact our worship director, Will Morris. Find him on Sunday morning and say hi or click the link below to email him.