At Red Stone church we provide space for children to be known and loved, experience Jesus through the Scriptures, and have fun in order to develop disciples who will make disciples. We believe that parents serve as the main discipler of their children and it is our role as the church to come along side them to re-enforce Gospel truths and provide tools to assist families in spiritual growth. 

In order to do this, we look at the spiritual development of our children as a camp, Camp Red Stone. This development goes from a backpack to boots to a map. It is our job as spiritual leaders of the children to first, with our elementary-aged children, pack their "backpacks" full of Gospel truths. Then in middle school, give them "boots" and walk alongside them individually to show them how to walk with Jesus. The "Map" stage comes next and is for high-school age teenagers; this is where we dive into what it looks like for Jesus to lead the way and guide our steps. For any further questions, contact our Camp Red Stone Director, Ali Starnes, at rsckids@redstonechurch.net.


Your child’s safety is of great importance to Red Stone Church. On Sundays, children are checked in at the front lobby of our facility. Every child is registered, given a tag, and never released without a parent identification tag. There will be no exceptions to this rule.

All adults involved in our Sunday morning children’s ministries are required to pass a thorough background check and undergo training in childcare essentials. There will also be at least two adults in every class to ensure a high level of accountability at all times.